Illegal Immigrants Border Control

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Illegal immigrants come to America for a better life, and new opportunity to start all over again. However, politicians believe that having a border control will solve the drug problems and cartel war from getting worse. The border will not solve all the problems from having war, drugs, and terrorism coming into America. Should we find betters solutions to have more illegals come in legally; or should we just give citizenships to those that are consider “Grandfathered” and do not have a criminal record.
History how America become a great country with having illegal immigrants come from all around the world. "We are a nation of immigrants." (Herman Melville). In the beginning, English man and women travel overseas, in the seventeenth-century, …show more content…

State Sen. Russell Pearce, chief sponsor of the law, often recites the names of recent victims of crimes allegedly committed in the state by illegal immigrants, including the slaying of a popular rancher in March. Drug-related crimes such as kidnapping are reportedly on the rise in Phoenix, fueling public support for the law. One big problem in the Arizona debate is that the perceptions about immigrants and crime do not square with the most basic data. After years of witnessing a rise in the number of illegal immigrants in their state, the people of Arizona are in reality less likely to be victims of crime than at any time in the past four decades. Legal and illegal immigrants do commit crimes, but at rates that are generally lower than their native-born counterparts, according to U.S. Census Bureau data. The large majorities of immigrants who enter the United States, legally and illegally, come here to work, save, and support their families. Once inside the country, they want to stay out of trouble and not jeopardize their opportunity to earn income in a relatively free and open …show more content…

They can come temporarily as tourists or students or business travelers; they earl come for longer periods of time to work on short-term visas, with the expectation that they will eventually return home; or they can immigrate permanently, either sponsored by a family member or on the basis of employment skills. The primary goal of border security (leaving aside drugs and other contraband) is to ensure that these legal channels are the only way to enter the United States. The scale of that task in enormous. Last year, for instance, more than 8 million people applied for immigrant or non-immigrant visas to come to the United States, and just under 2 million were rejected. More than 16 million individuals were admitted without visas under the Visa Waiver Program. In addition, more than 243 million legal entries were processed at the land borders with Canada and Mexico, a steady stream of cross-border traffic by people living, working, and doing business in the border regions. Illegal entries are far harder to track. There were 463,000 apprehensions made of individuals trying to cross illegally between the land border ports of entry. In addition, an unknown number of individuals failed to leave when their visas expired, leaving them living illegally in the United

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