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What does a secure border prevent? A secure border prevents illegal aliens, criminals, terrorists, etc. from entering the country. Does a country with over 11 million illegal immigrants sound like it has a very secure border? This number of illegal immigrants is occurring in the United States. President Obama claims that the border is secure, but the facts prove that belief wrong. There is an illegal immigration problem in the U.S., and this problem starts at the security of the border. The United States of America needs to do more to secure its border. Three ways to secure the border would be to build a wall, call in more of the national guard, and deport the illegal immigrants with harsher punishments.
Building a wall would prevent illegal immigrants from crossing the border than the fences that are already there. Fences eventually are not going to be as stable as before, and sneaking a way through fences is easier than trying to climb up a wall. A wall would not have loopholes like the fences do for the illegal aliens to find their way over, like building tunnels under or climbing over it. Obviously the fences are not working because over 11 million illegal immigrants have made their way into the …show more content…

Fences can only do so much; people are the ones who stop the illegal immigrants from coming in. Only 44% of the border is under watch. The other 56% of the border is slightly monitored. In order to keep the United States secure from illegal aliens, all of the border has to be under operational control. More troops from the national guard need to be called in and spread out across the border. An increase in troops along the border will result in a decrease in illegal aliens getting into the country. Another way to make the border more secure is to deport the illegal immigrants that are caught and have harsher

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