Isaac Newton Research Paper

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We all know Isaac Newton for his famous laws of motion and being a scientist. Although, some might not know that Newton was also a famous mathematician. He made great discoveries and later, showed the world by publishing books. Newton had a lot of time to think and he was very patient. But then again, he was a little self centered and obnoxious. He liked it his way and didn’t do very well with other people’s input in his studies. I believe Newton was a great man who will always be remembered. Isaac Newton had a rough childhood, while basically living his life going in and out of school and dealing with a brutal mother. Newton was born December 25th, 1642 and a premature baby. His dad died 3 months before he was born due to sudden illness. His mom had remarried and left Newton to live with his grandparents. His mom had no interest in keeping Newton until her second husband had passed away from old age. Newton’s mom had returned with her three children from the second husband and retrieved Isaac as well. …show more content…

That did not end well though, so he went back to school. After high school, he went on to college. Newton’s uncle recommended that he go to the same college he had attended. That is what Newton did. He was very smart and kept a journal of philosophical questions he wanted answers to. Newton graduated, although he did not have any honors or distinction, he still was rewarded with the title of scholar and four years of finances all because of his efforts. While in college, Newton discovered the laws of gravity just from a falling apple. In 1669, Newton returned to Cambridge and got his Masters of Arts

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