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Im doing my paper over Isaac Newton. Isaac Newton was born December 25,1642. He was born in Woolsthorpe, Lincolnshire, England. He didn't have a father during his childhood. His dad died two months before he was done. When he was three years old his mother re married and moved away. When his mom left he lived with his grandmother. His mother had three other kids named Benjamin Smith , Hannah Smith Pilkington , and Mary Smith. His parents names was Hannah Ayscough and Isaac Newton Sr. Newton died at the age of 83 on March 20, 1726. Isaac Newton attended school at Trinity College, Cambridge. His fields of study was Physics, Algebra, Philosophy, and Mathematics. Newton got a basic education in local schools, at the age of twelve he was sent …show more content…

Newton then vowed that he would never publish one of his papers again. Several years later Newton put together his results on laws of motion. This later became the great Principia. Newton created his greatest work in eighteen months this was known as Philosophiae naturalis principia mathematica. This was first published in Latin in 1687. He was forty-five when he accomplished this. After Newton published Principia he became depressed and gave up on science. He became more interested in university politics. Then he was elected to representative of the university in Parliament. Then later he wanted to obtain a government appointment. In 1696 at the age of fifty-four, he left Cambridge to become a warden and then the master of mint. Newton took this job very seriously almost as serious as his scientific pursuit. Newton received many honors, including the first knighthood given for scientific achievement. Newton made several impacts on science. In 1665 he discovered the generalized binomial theorem and began to developed a new mathematical theory that later became calculus. In 1684 Newton communicated his results to Edmond Halley and the Royal

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