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Isaac Newton was a man who was in love with math and science, he was a inventor of a few things like, refracting telescope, telescope, binoculars, and even a radio telescope. Isaac Newton was born in the year of 1643 on january 4th, in whoolsthorpe, lincolnshire, England. Using the old julien type calendar, sometimes his birthday is displayed on december 25th, 1642. Isaac grew up being raised by his grandma, he was born premature and tiny, and after he grown a little his father had passed away, leaving him with his mother and then she remarried and he later on went and lived with his grandma. When he turned twelve he was sent to kings school to become a pharmasist. Newton was interested in Clark's chemical library and laboratory and built mechanical devices to amuse Clark's daughter, including a windmill …show more content…

His discovery has helped me because without him we wouldn´t be where we are today. We woudln´t even know what gravity is. Also we wouldn´t be able to see the stars or organisims because he is the creator of the telescope and microscope. He played a huge role in history, with everything he did. Towards the end of his life he had done made himself the most famous man in europe. Also made himself very wealthy which he donated alot to charity. He never married and didnt make many friends as well. He was so focused on his scientific discoveries that his few friends started to worry about his mental stability. By the time he reached 80 years of age, Newton was experiencing digestion problems and had to drastically change his diet and mobility. In March 1727, Newton experienced severe pain in his abdomen and blacked out, never to regain consciousness. He died the next day, on March 31, 1727, at the age of 84. Alot of scientist after him was following his footsteps and even some proved him to be wrong. Isaac newton was a great scientist and very smart

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