Issue Of Illegal Immigration

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There are many people who live on planet earth. With this large number of people, many of them are looking for work to support themselves. However, when people begin crossing into other countries illegally, it can cause issues with the citizens of that country. Illegal immigration can cause major issues with the country and the citizens that reside in it. Illegal immigrants get from one country to another through some sort of illegal method of travel. This is what makes them “illegal” immigrants. The people who come into a country illegal in search of work or a job, are using up resources that could be used on others that aren’t illegal. Over the past several years there have been an increase in the number of illegal immigrants we have begun …show more content…

One of the earliest forms of illegal immigration, was foreign slave trade when it became illegal in the year 1808. Before it was made illegal “…the authors of the Constitution… protected the foreign slave trade”. For twenty years, foreign slave trade was protected from any interference. After that period “Congress, at President Jefferson’s invitation, promptly made that trade illegal, but did not interfere with either the domestic slave trade or slavery itself” (qtd. in After that, all foreign slave trade was made illegal. Because of this, it made the approximate 50,000 slaves that were smuggled into the United States, the very first illegal immigrants. Over two hundred years ago that the first illegal immigrants made it into U.S grounds. It wasn’t till the early 1900’s that the United States began seeing illegal border crossings. It was as early as 1904 that Congress had begun putting an effort into stopping any sort of illegal border crossing. Unfortunately, any effort put forth was not regularly done and they only happened to put forth effort if there were resources available to do so. There were inspectors that patrolled the west of California to stop the flow of illegal immigrants. These inspectors would patrol in search of illegal Chinese immigrants. The explanation for most of the Chinese immigrants was, they were looking to avoid Chinese exclusion laws. Several years later in 1915, Congress put a little more effort into stopping the illegal Chinese immigrants. They used another group of inspectors but instead called them “Mounted guards”. These guards were not always able to patrol borders, however they did have a broader authority when it came to arrests. In in the year 1996, “Congress rewrote provisions in the immigration and Nationality Act … certain aliens subject to expulsions from the United States may become legal residents” (qtd. in

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