Jack In Lord Of The Flies

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Who would have guessed that one of the most corrupt books written would be based on young boys stuck on an island? The boys kill another boy out of fear when he steps out of the dark, eerie forest and later, torturing of other boys occurs. Even more so, there’s enough proof to believe that- besides the pig head on the stick sharpened at both ends- a character in the petrifying novel epitomizes Satan, the once-angel that was envious of God and therefore betrayed him by tempting Adam and Eve to fall into sin and hence, into his grasp. If not the enemy, he represents a minion of the wrongdoing Lucifer- or, in a word, a demon, but evidence points towards the red headed scoundrel to be representing Beelzebub. That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, …show more content…

And that run is away from the one and only, Jack Merridew himself. Indeed, Jack in Lord of the Flies is one manipulative, hot headed, and maniacally evil character. There is reason to believe that Jack had initially planned to strike fear into the boys. In the beginning, Jack was portraying leader though he was fully aware and frequently reminded that Ralph was elected leader. It starts with the pig hunt. Jack was the reason for the boys, including himself, to miss their chance to be rescued and returned to their homes. For some odd reason, the boys were not at all upset at what Jack had caused because he had gotten them a satisfactory meal. This is uncanny and somewhat alarming behavior. Who wouldn’t be infuriated to miss their chance of being saved? Apparently everyone aside from Ralph. “‘There was a ship. Out there. You said you’d keep the fire going and you let it out!’ He (Ralph) took a step towards Jack, who …show more content…

Does that make Pete Satan, too? Of course not, because- as mentioned before- there’s evidence that supports the theory that Jack is supposed to represent Satan. So, yes, Jack puts the “evil” in “Devil”. “I ought to be chief because I’m chapter chorister and head boy” (22). Why, whom else was a main member in a choir and wanted power? It sounds a lot like Bad Man. Jack was also one of the main people of Ralph’s side, like the right hand man to the one in power. It is similar to how Man With the Forked Tail was with God. Soon enough, Jack gets overfed with envy to Ralph’s authority and starts to convert the boys to follow Jack. This is familiar to the past with the enemy and God. How does Jack get the boys to follow him? With a little thing called “temptation”. (“...And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.” (The Our Father).) This is a method still used by the evil one. Both Jack and the Devil use satisfactory items to convert the people. Jack uses pig meat, and the Devil uses everything that man desires (women, riches, fame, ect.). These are some connections that points to Jack being another symbol for the

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