Jack Merridew In Lord Of The Flies

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L.O.F- Character analysis: Jack Merridew
Jack Merridew is a bull headed lead chorister at his former academy in England who obtains people's loyalty through control and sadistic rules in Lord of the Flies. What Jack Merridew does is he makes violence out of every situation and degrades people for a hoot. Furthermore, he acts as a dictator from the governmental standpoint for his thirst for power. He loves the sense of chaos and trouble. He is willing to do anything to have a good time and won't let anything stand between him and fun. Jack represents the dark side of human nature with wanting total control in Lord of the Flies by William Golding.
Jack is the first to want rules on the island and was quick to put them out, but also the first to break them. Jack only lets the rules of the conch apply to his own advantage while everyone else must obey the rules. "I got the conch" said Piggy indignantly. "You let me speak!" " The conch doesn't count on top of the mountain," said Jack," So you shut up." (42). The ruling of the conch came into place due to Jack's displeasure of order and all control. Another one of Jack's main concern is hunting, which develops his savagery throughout the book. In Lord of the Flies Jacks derange obsession with hunting goes overboard into piglets to humans. Jack starts a lot of disputes that happen on the …show more content…

In the book Jack becomes more powerful as the book goes on, showing how the civilization of the children is slowly drifting away as they become savages to one another. Killing and feasting for kicks by Jack’s ruley orders. When Jack has a drive for power he doesn’t let anything get between him and it. He plays the role of a dictator, but doesn't want to play by the rules, everything that makes up a narcissistic ruler. In Lord of the Flies Jack plays a huge role in every aspect of the book symbolizing evil and

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