Jack In Lord Of The Flies

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The book lord of the flies is about a group of boys who get stranded on an island during world war two. In the book it shows how the boys transform into people they have never known before. Starting out with jack. Jack was a former choirmaster at his school and had that advantage over the other boys. Jack is ugly according to the narrator and is tall and skinny with a dried rugged freckled face red hair and blue eyes. Jack is voted team captain of all the boys because he is looked as more powerful than the other boys as seen when jack gets frustrated when piggy hits jack in chapter 4 and breaks piggy's glasses the one and only thing piggy and the other boys have of technology and the only thing piggy has to see. Jack was a good kid when he was back home but now when he has no adult supervision no on one to tell him what to do he can do and get …show more content…

He then brings it back to camp and cooks it up and has a feat with all the other boys on the beach this shows due to hunger and lack of civilization you can go to a dark place and do things you would have never done before. Then there's ralph ralph is twelve years old and with blonde hair and is the most charismatic of the group and is said that he is built like a boxer and is initially chosen as a leader due to his many positive qualities. Ralph makes the most smart and logical decisions out of the group followed by piggy. He is the one that comes up with the idea to make a signal fire so if a large ship of some kind or an airplane can go by the island that have a larger chance of being rescued and that's a very logical and responsible thing do due. But even ralph has lost his civilised ness and has some issues also just like jack and the other boys do

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