Lord Of The Flies Chapter Summary

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Give a brief overview of the plot. In an attempt to escape War in London, an aircraft evacuating a large group of British schoolboys is shot down where it lands on a deserted tropical island. All the adults die in the plane crash, leaving the boys to fend for themselves. Ralph and Piggy, two of the main characters in the novel, soon find one another as well as a conch – a large shell; which they use to call the other boys. Ralph is chosen to be the leader; with another boy who goes by the name of Jack, the leader of hunting. The large group of boys split into two, due to different wants and beliefs as well as a rise in tension. Ralph, Piggy and Samneric form the one half, and the other formed by the rest with Jack as their leader. In the end the two groups turn against each other; eventually piggy is killed and Samneric is forced onto the other team; they all plan to kill Ralph, just before they find him a naval officer saves all the boys from the island. (180) …show more content…

The main themes in the novel include: civilisation vs. savagery as well as loss of innocence. This is created through the use of different events which show the change in the behaviour of the boys which go against normal human morals and behaviour and therefore the boys lose their innocence in doing so. (53) Who was your most memorable character and why? Piggy’s character appealed most to me, as he was easy to relate too. Piggy experienced many emotions similar to the ones we all experience sometime on our life; he also re-acted to certain situations in a similar way as to how I would react and brought a humorous tone to the novel. (52) Justify the rating you gave this book. I gave this novel 4 stars as I enjoyed the continuous adventure and thrill; however, the diction used was hard to comprehend as many of the words and sayings were typically British. (32) Select a quotation from the book and explain its central

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