Fear In Lord Of The Flies Quote Analysis

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Fear is all Controlling “Fear is not real. It is a product of thoughts you create. Danger is very real. But Fear is a choice.”-Will Smith. The Lord of the Flies is by William Golding an outstanding artist. The story takes place on an island with many stranded boys after their ship had wrecked. The boys have to adapt to the new life style and mature due to no adults. There are many situations that are driven by fear through out the story but the main situations are when the boys eat the pig, when piggy is killed, and the attempt to kill Ralph. The boys eating the pig represents the topic of fear of others, because they have split into two different groups and are trying to make friends with Ralph and Piggy. The boys were driven by fear to separate and become a different group. "Tonight we’re having a feast. We’ve killed a pig and we’ve got meat. You can come and eat with us if you like” (Golding 140). Jack’s group decides to cook a pig and make an offer to allow Ralph and Piggy to join them. Ralph and Piggy did not want to enjoy the pig but later decided to. Jack made his own group because Ralph was the leader of the island and Jack wanted to be leader. The next main situation is the tragic death of Piggy. …show more content…

Piggy was a very intelligent little boy who never harmed anyone. "A noise nearer at hand made him quiver...He sneaked forward a few yards and saw the shape at the top of the rock change and enlarge...Ralph put his head down on his forearms and accepted the new fact like a wound... Piggy was dead" (Golding 186). The other boys wanted to kill Piggy because Piggy was so smart and a threat. Jack wanted Piggy dead because of the fear of Piggy taking over the island and become very powerful. Another reason Piggy was killed was because Jack wanted Ralph by himself on the island. The biggest situation that took place in the book was when Jack tried to kill

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