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Almost 30 children were rescued off an island after their plane crashed about a month before on their return to England. They were returning on an airplane from a temporary boarding school that was designed like hundreds of others to avoid from involving children in this war. Ironically, this pack of children met their own misfortune. The boys were discovered very tattered and beat up, almost unrecognizable from their previous selves. Sadly, 2 boys perished on the island during this month, Simon Shayman and David Porkington. Surprisingly, the other children have adapted back to their previous way of life quite easily. Even though they have been returned to the life they use to live, there is still something unsettling about a few of the children. The ones that have seemed to be the least able to adapt were Jack Simmons and Roger Malice. Both of these children seem wary of any person, acting out in irrational violence, and often mumble to themselves about "hunting" and "beasts". …show more content…

One child, Ralph Davidson, provided a vivid account of what happened on the island. He states that when they first crashed, they elected him as chief. As time progressed, Jack created his own tribe which was centered on hunting and killing pigs on the island. This is most likely why Jack Simmons is having the most difficult time adapting back to the normality of life. Even though these boys were only there for about a month, it is a time that none of the remaining children will ever forget. OBITUARY David Porkington: A 12 year old child who was one of the two children who died on the island. He met his fate when a boulder was loosed from atop a hill, rolling down and knocking him off a cliff, killing him on

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