Jack Young Videography Essay

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Guided by the arts, Jack Young, sophomore focuses on photography and playing music as his favorite pastimes. What first sparked Young’s interest in photography was his oldest sister, as it was passed down to him, and now he has grown to love it. “This is my first time taking photo class and I enjoy taking really all kinds of shots. Photoshop is a skill that I have also really enjoyed because it’s awesome being able to change the appearance of something without other people noticing,” Young said. Currently working on the zombie project, involving taking pictures of fifteen students, and blending facial features together to make your zombie. “We are working on the zombie project right now, and so far it’s my favorite because we get to take …show more content…

When you compose a picture, you don’t see it in the viewers eye, you see it in your own, so you can make them see whatever you want to. I try to capture shots that are pleasing to see, for people see things differently and pictures speak louder than words so it also makes them feel different emotions,” Young said. I am interested in taking DMP in the future to learn more about the videography. I think this will add to my tools in photo. Plays the piano and is learning to play the drums. Someone of campus teaches me As of now, I plan on continuing photo as a hobby- I do not see myself doing it in the future. I am more interested into furthering music as my career. Attending church in cottonwood Sunday’s and Wednesday’s has influenced my decision of being a Worship Leader. They play music in church. I like all kinds of music. I really like alternative music. One of my favorite bands it called Chvrches, I give them two thumbs up. When you play a song you don’t really think about how much work goes into it. When you get to play it yourself you kind of appreciate it more. I started playing instruments about a year ago, I decided that if I want to do something cool with my life I would do it now. That’s when I picked up playing the piano, and I enjoy it a lot it’s where I find my happiness. When I’m stressed out, music calms me down and relaxes

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