Tri-M Qualities

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What qualities do you have that could contribute to the TRi-M?
Some qualities I have that would contribute to TRi-M are I love learning through my effort and dedication in what I do. I’m responsible, respectful, I manage my time wisely, and I like to lead. In accordance to leading by example, I also try to motivate others as well as motivating myself. Having the courage to step up to something like this is big for me so I could add confidence and appreciation. Why appreciation? Well, I’m a very driven person and if I don’t push myself now then when will I? I like building relationships because I’m very sociable. I’m very clear about what I have to say, I don’t like to offend others and make someone feel bad because it’s not fair to them, I like when there is an equal treatment. I trust in others, especially my teammates, and people in my sections. I can turn my visions into reality. As well as getting the best out of others. I take responsibility to keep an effective sectional going. I’m open-minded and I like to build successful opinions to …show more content…

Music is more than that it’s something beautiful produced based on the musicians. For example when we play in class when you feel the emotion and the feeling of playing it’s just so wonderful. Music is the way kids and people show their emotions although even on a bad day we try to play well because we do not want to be the big mess up in class. Music to me is the beginning of my passion. As students, we engage in learning through a more interactive and exciting learning experience. I don’t really like listening to normal music with no instruments. When there are instruments and no words it’s like you get to add the meaning to the song. When I play my instrument I feel like I’m sending a small message and contributing to the overall message the whole band wants the audience to hear. Music means a lot to me I can’t say it’s my world yet because I have a long way to getting

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