Personal Narrative: How Music Has Changed My Life

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Music is a very recent thing that has changed my life. I have always had an interest for music, since I was young I would dream of playing the Alto Saxophone. My dream became a reality in Sixth Grade when I was able to pick up and learn an instrument. I ended up choosing the Tenor Saxophone because of its dark full sound. I progressed very quickly taking lessons from Jill Marasa, band director at Costa Catholic Academy, later that year I bought a Flute, and Clarinet. I also became very proficient on those very early on. I soon moved to where I live now. Before I even moved I already had contacted the band director at Germantown Hills Middle School, Eric Loring, to see what their program was and to see what instruments they had available. I ended up starting the oboe, which till this day is the love of my life. During the Seventh Grade I was introduced to the Central Illinois Youth Symphony. I auditioned for it and their Flute Choir on, Oboe, Flute, and Bassoon (picking up and learning only a week before auditions). When the results came in I found out that I had made all three parts doubling Oboe and Bassoon in the Central Illinois Concert Orchestra (2013-2014). The season was very successful but soon came to an end. I soon sold my Bassoon and purchased an English horn. I soon switched Oboe teachers, I went from Kylie Hankosky (2013-2014) to Alison Robuck (2014-present), Oboe professor at Bradley University in Peoria, IL. Over time I …show more content…

The NYO2 would be a fantastic experience for my musical career, pushing me further and exposing me more to the musical world where I hope one day to be. The main objective is to become the best musician through excellence and perseverance. And this can only be accomplished through excellent coaching, hard work, dedication, passion, and ever increasing performance

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