Jackie Robinson Biography Essay

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In 1947 Jackie Robinson became the first African American baseball player to play on a “white” team. Jackie had made people see they can accomplish their dreams. He was born on January 31 1919, and was born in Cairo Georgia. He had three brothers and one sister. Because people saw Jackie as “different” they did not think good of him. In high school he played four sports football, basketball,baseball, and he ran track, he was a track star. He went to University of California and was the first person to ever get a letter in four sports.

This story is about a young man making history and showing the world differnece is part of life and anyone can do anything be practicing and having discipline. This is a popular sport called baseball. This sport changed history and made differences okay. A great man that goes by the name Jackie Robinson is forever remembered. He struggled with race so severely.

Historical Context

Robinson was greatly gifted and shared all his talents with the world. In 1936 Jackie went to the olympics and won a silver medal in the 200-meter dash. He was fast and very skilled at hitting a home runs. His future was just beginning. And it was bright.

This event (playing baseball) happened after world war 2. During world War 2, Jackie joined the U.S. Army in 1942-1944. He was second lieutenant. Like Rosa Parks …show more content…

This was a big deal considering he was “black”. This was only the start and it opened a door for many and made the world better thanks to Robinson’s gifted talent and by Rickey recruiting him. Jackie was invited to play in a football game for the Honolulu Bears, their game was in Pearl Harbor, he left Honolulu two days after the Japanese attacked. Jackie first played for the Montreal Royals and they won the league. Robinson’s brother was an amazing athlete

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