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Jackie Robinson Mentally tough, strong, honorable, a man strong enough to not fight back, this is Jackie Robinson. He was born as the youngest brother. Jackie Robinson is an unknown leader in the fight against segregation. Jackie fights against death threats, segregation and constant attempts to injure him. With the odds against him segregation deciding the country Jackie Robinson breaks the color barrier, not to mention all odds. Jackie Robinson was born in Cairo Georgia in 1919; he is the youngest of 5 children with a mere single mother. Their family share cropped to make a little money and food. Athletics was a gene strong in the Robinson family, With Robinsons older brother coming in second in the Olympics only behind the infamous Jessie Owens. Once Jackie got out of high school he went to UCLA and served as the only person to receive four varsity letters in college. Before he could finish college he married Rachel Isum just before heading to war. He enters into the war and serves as a general for 2 years. He was court marshaled and honorably discharged for refusing to give up his seat to another officer. He left the army and once he left the army he joined the Kansas City monarchs. He played exceptionally well and attracted the attention of Rickey branch. …show more content…

I am the manager of this team and I say who plays (Jackie Robinson 6). Rickey branch came to Robinson and told him that he was looking to talk to him. He met him for dinner later that day and discussed the terms of what he wants done. Rickey branch told Jackie that he was looking for “a man strong enough to not fight back” with all the segregation and hatred that was surely going to go about with a black man playing outside of the Negro leagues. Despite all the risks he knew the reward would be much

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