Jacob Butterfield Short Story

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The house was definitely Victorian inspired and belonged to an esquire by the name of Jacob Butterfield. He was young, rich and famous. He was married to Adelaide, a frail soft-spoken woman, barren it seems, as she was not able to bear Jacob any child. The house they owned was huge though, as Jacob planned to have as many children as he can. It was made up of three stories with 12 bedrooms which were all amply sized and each bedroom could accommodate 4 people. Jacob was a rich man and hired quite a number of servants to attend to their needs. One man-servant went by the name of William and doubled as Jacob’s right hand and confidante.

One day, Jacob suddenly fell to the ground paralyzed from the waist down. Adelaide, who was so troubled by
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He did not care so much if his circus was making money with the shows they perform. What only mattered to him was spending on parties and drinking which they all indulged in night after night. After all, it made him feel his old home…his old family before he ran away. It did not take long for the well to dry up. All the money was gone and all that remained was the house.

Food was never scarce in William’s house despite the times…but something told William it was not right, although he was not aware all the freaks were gone…but not that they’ve left. Their body parts were kept in the cellar…inside the freezer…and Clint has yet to tell William supply will only last until winter.

Chapter 1

Sophie has made up her mind…she was going to purchase the house sitting in the middle of the field. It was huge. She thought it was fitting for her purpose. Sophie has dreamed of putting up her own bed and breakfast. Fixing up old houses has always interested her. The old Victorian has plenty of rooms which she can design and decorate. She planned to make each room themed differently from one another to afford her guests a variety of choices.

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It was the smallest room in the house yet held the largest four-poster bed. The mattress has long been removed…probably thrown away because of wear and tear. It was Sophie’s favorite room. She intended to make it her room so she need not encounter the guests every time she needs to use the toilet. Apart from that, it was the only room which had a verandah that overlooked the acres and acres of lily fields. But it bothered her that the floorboards creaked like it was going to give way. Also, there was this stench…like the one on blisters or bed soars usually associated with obese people. It was when Sophie bent down to measure the bunk bed that she heard the floor creak and then saw depressions one at a time like someone extremely heavy was walking on

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