Story Of An Hour Marriage

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The idea of marriage and what was considered an ideal union has drastically evolved. Marriage has only become an option in our civilization it’s no longer a social requirement, neither a priority for a female or male to get marry. In “The Yellow Wallpaper” Charlotte Perkins Gilman illustrates a controlling and dysfunctional relationship that also relates to “The Story of an Hour” where Kate Chopin also reveals a dysfunctional and unhappy marriage. When paired together, both pieces of writing portrait the other side of marriage where everything is not just a happy ending and it’s shown as incarceration and loss of freedom. Also, both writing take place in the nineteenth century, a time period when marriage was considered the right thing to do…show more content…
Also, the main character expresses selfishness even though she love him she is thinking about her being free and she does not have a problem with her husband it might just be with the institution of marriage where she feels like she is incarcerated. Whereas, in “The Yellow Wallpaper” is also imprisoned but this case more literal than the other, it shows a controlling male figure that controls his wives every move and even right to go outside even when she is supposed to be on “vacation” but she was not allowed to do much and had to keep her writing a secret. “ And I am alone a good deal just now...I lie here on this great immovable bed-it is nailed down.” (81). This describes the condition of her room and her isolation that she is…show more content…
However, in reality not every marriage is a functional one. Society plays a huge role on the repression that enforce in marriage. Individuals are more accepting of marriage now and understand that every person does not necessarily want to marry but unhappy and feel trapped. Perhaps the in the "The Story of an Hour" and "The Yellow Wallpaper" the husbands might of love their wives and the feeling might of being mutual, but since it all took place in a different time period where society harshly criticizes women for not being married or for leaving the marriage they were in. Both women in the stories directly have a problem with the institution of marriage and feel like society is the one in charge of trapping women into marriage. Finally, many of these women during that time period thought that as they once said in their vows till death did them apart that death was one of the options they have to get out of the unhappy matrimony without being deemed by society as the two main character point
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