James Baldwin Logos

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Yassir El Morabit
Hon English 10
22 February 2023
Letter from a region in my mind
African American writer,James Baldwin,discusses the relationship between black and white Americans.He shows his concern for the future of African Americans in his essay,¨Letter from a region in my mind¨.He shows his concern by stating,¨I am very much concerned that
American negroes achieve their freedom here in the United States.¨.He is also concerned for the dignity of African Americans.He shows his concern for this by stating,¨But I am also concerned for their dignity,for the health of their souls.¨
James Baldwin makes great use of Logos in his essay.One example of Logos in his essay is when he stated ¨Now,it is extremely unlikely that negros will ever rise to power in the
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James Baldwin uses metaphors in his essay on multiple different occasions.The first metaphor used in the essay is when he stated,¨But I am also concerned for their dignity-for the health of their souls¨.By saying this,Baldwin shows his concern for the integrity and dignity of
African Americans.Another metaphor in the essay is when he stated,¨And today,a hundred years after his technical emancipation,he remains-with the possible exception of the American Indian- the most despised creature in his country.¨.In this quote,Baldwin is saying that even with emancipation,African Americans were not fully free.Another successful use of a metaphor is when Baldwin stated,¨I am one of the first Americans to arrive on these shores.¨.In the quote,he meant that his ancestors were some of the first people to step foot in America and that his

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