James Schall's The Life Of The Mind

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Why? It is a question we catch ourselves asking on an almost every day basis. This seemingly simple question often leaves people perplexed. It has a vast array of answers and possibilities. I too caught myself asking why as I walked the roads of Uganda and Kenya. I could not comprehend what I was seeing. Those easily recognizable commercials starring the Rosanne actress, Laurie Metcalf, and the African children did not justify what I saw first hand. I cannot nor will I even attempt to explain my initial thoughts upon arriving in Africa; my words would ultimately fail me. For a lack of a better term, it was a complete and utter culture shock. I saw how they lived their every day lives, how they struggled to find food and water, how they basically had torn rags as clothes, and how they were diseased stricken. Their homes were nothing more then mud huts and one mattress for the whole family to sleep on. Children often could not go to school because their families did not have the money or they could not walk the distance to the nearest school. I found myself angry for multiple reasons. I was angry that people lived in these types of conditions while we live such lavish lives. And in a way, I was angry at God. Why did he allow of all these terrible things to happen? We visited a mother…show more content…
I can attest to how true Schall’s words are. I took in the beauty as I walked those dirt roads and also I learned. The people I encountered were indeed beautiful inside and out. They remained so faithful and hopeful despite what they have been through. I began to admire them and learn things about myself along the way. While it was only a fourteen-day trip, I learned more than a textbook could ever teach me. I got to see the culture and the people and I got to walk their
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