Jane Austen Research Paper

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Small-town girl who came from nothing, just to make everything of herself. Jane Austen’s life reflected dramatically throughout her works. Jane Austen made a life for herself despite the expectations on gender roles during her time. Finding a husband who could start and support a family would be the biggest accomplishment for a women, in Jane’s time. Jane never thought she could find success from her writings but she had. Jane Austen known as a hard worker, who came from a poor background, put her life into her works influencing those around her, and even during the last years of her life put her focus into her work and God. Born on a Saturday night in December of 1775, Jane Austen came into this world, with a bright future ahead of her (Honan 22). “Her name paid tribute to her mother’s lovely sister Jane and to her own godmother Jane Austen- wife of her father's wealthy uncle Francis”(Honan 22). Back when Jane was a baby, it was common for parents to place their babies in a cottage, to be nursed. The parents would visit the baby everyday. …show more content…

People were astonished at how much she did even by the age of 25 as previously stated. She had so much going for her but never lost sight of what was important. She never put fame and fortune before family, friends, and God. Jane knew what she wanted from life and she did all she could to accomplish it. She was always surrounded by those who she was closest with and by those she loved. Her last few days were spent with her sister who was closest to her. “There is nothing I would not do for those who are really my friends. I have no notion of loving people by halves, it is not my nature.” - Jane

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