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Countless people did not know Jane Austen and her marvelous novels, but after she passed away, she became a well-known writer. Jane Austen was born on December 16, 1775, in Steventon, Hampshire, England. She was the seventh child and second daughter of Cassandra and George Austen. Her father served as the Oxford-educated rector for a nearby Anglican parish. When Jane wrote, she would never put her name on her books because in the mid 1700’s, women were not allowed to write. Therefore, she was an unknown writer. Though, some of the readers started to realize who was writing the books over time. Austen always had a memorable past, wrote outstanding novels, went to amazing schools, and her death and legacy will be remembered. Without a doubt, …show more content…

Her nights and weekends had often involved cotillions, and as a result, she became an accomplished dancer. On other evenings, she would choose a novel to read to her family, occasionally she would read one she had written herself. She continued to write, and developed her style into more determined works. In 1801, Jane moved to Bath with the three left of her family, her father, mother and her sister. Then, in 1805, her father quickly died of an illness. Thus, the family was shoved into financial straits. So, the three women moved from place to place. They would skip between the homes of their various family members to rented flats. It was not until 1809 that the family was able to settle with Jane's brother Edward's cottage in Chawton. Surely, Jane Austen started to anonymously publish her works While being in her …show more content…

Though, she still made the effort to continue to work at a normal pace. She only finished editing her older works. Jane's condition only got worse over time. The illness got to such a degree that she stopped writing. She died on July 18, 1817, in Winchester, Hampshire, England. While Austen received some tributes for her works while still alive, with her first three novels garnering critical attention and increasing financial reward, it was not until after her death that her brother Henry revealed to the public that she was an author. Now in modern day, Austen is considered one of the greatest writers in English history, both by academics and the general public. From the little-known girl to now, the internationally famous English author that began in the

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