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Jane Austen's family influence on her literature Jane is one of the most popular novelist in the English language who wrote several novels such as: Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, Emma, Mansfield Park, and Persuasion. Though women in her time were not allowed to publish their literary works and have limited opportunities in their education life, Jane Austen's family encouraged her to follow her desire to write and let her works see the light. Jane was born in a family consisting of six brothers and one sister. Each of her family members contributed in her works in some way. For example: her brother Henry Thomas Austen; who is her favorite brother , her "Perpetual Sunshine" and her literary advisor, was the most encouraging …show more content…

She had read for many novelists of her time such as: Daniel Defoe, Samuel Richardson, Henry Fielding and Fanny Burney. She was affected by their manner of writing which helped her to advance more sophisticated techniques. For instance, Jane was influenced by Frances Burney writing. Burney, who is an English novelist, diarist and playwright, has gained critical respect in her own right, but also foreshadows such novelists of manners with a satirical bent as Jane Austen. Burney published her first novel Evelina anonymously as Jane did with her novel Sense and Sensibility. Also Jane derives the name of her novel Pride and Prejudice from the final pages of Frances's novel …show more content…

Weston. Emma befriends Harriet Smith, who is a lady from the lower class and boards in Mrs. Goddard's school . Emma takes it upon herself to find a gentleman for her friend Harriet and a good lady for her family friend Mr. Elton. She thinks that Mr. Elton and Harriet are suitable for each other. So she starts convincing Harriet of the idea of marrying Mr. Elton, who is a clergyman from the upper class and can give Harriet the financial security. While Emma is working on matching between Mr. Elton and Harriet, Martin, who is a farmer appeared to show his love toward Harriet. Emma was completely disagree of Martin emotions toward Emma even she tells Harriet to refuse his proposal to marry her. Because Emma thinks that Mr. Elton is admired about Harriet and he could ask her to marry him. In the meantime, Emma's family friend Mr. Knightly, who is older than her always warns her that Mr. Elton is not interested in Harriet and he is interested in her. But Emma didn't believe him until Mr. Elton shows his affection toward Emma and asks her to marry him and she refused his proposal. After that Franck Churchill returned to the town , Emma finds him delightful and she plans to discourage these charms but she finds herself flattered with him. Also Emma dislikes Jane Fairfax because of her reserve.

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