Comparison Between Jane Eyre And Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre

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Charlotte Bronte knew as one of the most talented women authors of the Victorian era. She and her sisters, Emily and Anne grow up in Victorian England, they were inspired by the Romantic authors, and all of them write masterpieces in English literature. Charlotte Bronte faced a lot of difficulties, and obstacles in her life even though she manages to write important works in English Literature. For example, Jane Eyre, The Professor, Shirley, and Villette. At first, she writes Jane Eyre under pseudonym Currer Bell. And now she is best remembered for her novel Jane Eyre, this novel has aroused the great interest of the readers for more than century all around the world and it still continues to sell well. Moreover, Jane Eyre now is one of the …show more content…

Even there are some of them write exactly the same story of their experience, and Charlotte Bronte narrates her own story in Jane Eyre. There have been so many arguments about this case for many years, but the life of Jane has a lot in common with the author of the novel, Charlotte Bronte. In this paper, the researcher is going to try to find out the influence, similarity, and the relation between Jane Eyre and Charlotte Bronte’s character, their childhood, their relationships with parents, friends, and their suffering in living. Jane Eyre is a foundation of studying English literature courses in all universities around the world; this novel tells us a story of little girl “Jane” who struggle into life to reach assert of her own identity. Actually, it is a novel of rebellion, of self and society, and changing gender expectations. But it also engages into trouble investigations of the psyche and interpretations of dreams. The methodology followed in this paper is going to benefit from various sources like books, articles, and journals. Psychoanalytic Theory will be applied in this paper. This theory lay out by Sigmund Freud in the late 19th

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