Jane Eyre Sacrifice

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From the first time Jane appears in the story as a child, she leaves a strong impression. That is, when she has a fight with her cousin and her aunt is going to punish her. The conversation between her and her aunt was as the following, “ ‘What shocking conduct, Miss Eyre, to strike a young gentleman, your benefactress’s son! Your young master.’ ‘Master! How is he my master? Am I a servant?’” (2). This shows the readers that she fights for her rights and refuses the ‘fate’ that is given to her.
Mr. Rochester claims that because she does not have family around that may be offended by her decision she can reject any conventional morality. However, she refutes his claim by saying, “I care for myself. The more solitary, the more friendless, the more unsustained I am, the more I will respect myself” (27). She realizes how much it is important to do the right thing especially because she does not have a family and no one supports in the world. …show more content…

Jane says, “If people were always kind and obedient to those who are cruel and unjust, the wicked people would have it all their own way: they would never feel afraid, and so they would never alter but would grow worse and worse” (6). Jane shows her belief that women or people or general should defend themselves and to make sure that they are never mistreated again, at least not with the same person. She cannot give any reason to bless people who curse them because they will harm them again if they do not stop them. This shows the strong character that Jane has in oppose to other women in that

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