Japanese Internment Camps Research Paper

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The attack was a surprise to the United States naval base located in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. The bombing is what caused the United States to begin fighting in World War II. In 1941, after Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor, Americans thought the Japanese immigrants were spies for the Japanese government the enemy to the United States. Military wanted president FDR to have the power over the Japanese American. President FDR’s executive order 9066 was to put the Japanese in the camps in order to protect the United States from spying. Internment camps caused the Japanese to lose their house, jobs, and businesses. It could be said that the reason for the Japanese internment was to limit Japanese Americans from supporting the Japanese military by spying, however, the internment happened over five months after the attack, pointing that the Executive Order 9066 was more determined by racial bias towards the Japanese people. …show more content…

There were no court hearings, no due process, and no writs of habeas corpus. One searches the wartime record in vain for public protests among non Japanese against the gravest violation of civil liberties since the end of slavery” (textbook 692). In the internment camps, the Japanese had a hard time living in the camps after losing their house and businesses. there was no healthy food that cooked well and in cold weather without warm clothes. cold weather led to the death of a huge number of the Japanese-American. many others passed through the indignity from the American because they didn't trust the Japanese and blame them about the attack in Pearl Harbor. Also, Through these experiences, they got sick from eating the poorly prepared food, with no improvement were made in the food. (Okamura

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