Japanese Internment Camps Research Paper

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Japanese Internment Camps On december 7, 1941 Japan attacked Pearl Harbor. They destroyed seven battleships, 121 aircrafts, and killed 2,400 people. A year after Pearl Harbor the government opened Japanese internment camps. Although the internment camps were for the Japanese, it was just like what Hitler did to the Jews. The internment camps started on February 19, 1942(Velanquez). All the Japanese people were forced to leave their homes(Velanquez). There were thousands of Japanese Americans that had to go to the internment camps. Katerina Velanquez says, “We were asked to leave our homes, and we just left everything behind, she said. We were put on a bus and were allowed to take one suitcase per person.” Lots of the Japanese were forced to go to the camps. …show more content…

All Japanese employees were fired from their jobs because of their race. Their whole family was sent to livestock ground where they had to share a 10 foot by 10 foot room(Parks). Although their life was hard they did have schools and activities they could do afterwards(Parks). They could also have paying jobs but they only typically got $8 a month(Parks). Even if you were a U.S citizen the government did not care, they put you in the internment camps anyway(Parks). The Japanese internment camps were very unfair for the Japanese. There were many reasons the government did the internment camps. One of the reasons was because the government thought that the Japanese were spies and they didn’t want the Japanese to attack again. Another reason was because the people were paranoid that all Japanese were like the ones who attacked Pearl Harbor so the government did it to please the people(Velanquez). The last reason they did it was because they wanted to keep America safe and they didn 't want it to happen again. They thought if they put the Japanese people in the internment camps then that would solve their

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