Who Is More Harsh Than The Japanese Internment Camps During Ww2

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In the beginning of WWII there were 9 million jews, by the end of WWII there were 3 million, killing 6 million jews altogether. Hitler was a ruthless, evil man who inflicted pain and suffering on people who were not like him. The japanese had it good compared to the jews, even though they were removed from their homes, detained in special camps, and eventually relocated. The jews were tortured. Japanese internment camps are essentially not the same as jewish concentration camps because the jewish concentration camps were much more harsh than the japanese internment camps, 6 million jews died from being tortured at the camps, and the jews feared going to the camps.

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Concentration camps were known as “The Dreadful Fate”, during that time there were no greater enemies on earth than germans and jews, the jews feared getting caught and having to go to this camp. They hardly got anything to eat, not much to drink, water was only available one hour a day, and there was only one toilet for several thousand people to share for life if they were caught. The japanese weren't necessarily treated good but much better than the jews. The army provided nourishing and healthy food for them. Along with housing, even though they were in deserts and swamps. The jews were moved to grassy areas to work. That is why it's important to have a good hiding spot,so you weren't apart of theses horrific camps. The jews also strongly feared going to these camps because as stated in one of Anne Frank's extracts “escape is almost impossible” Once you were caught there was no getting out. Lastly crossing the line was always a big fear of getting put into this camp. Germans would openly declare their loyalty to Hitler. They would change their opinions and thoughts to match his, just so they wouldn't be put in the camp. “Terror is the most effective instrument” , Hitler said. Making fear apart of their everyday …show more content…

They were both discriminated. They were both treated different because of their race/ religion. They were also both uprooted from their homes. Soldiers went around door to door at night knocking to see if you belonged in either of the camps. They were forced out of their homes by military armed guards. Lastly nothing was really fair as to what the government did to either of them. The jewish government killed them if they were weak and only kept them if they were strong. The jews are the reason everything bad happened as Hitler stated. Jews were burned to death and they were put into gas chambers. The japanese government made them move to deserts or swamps… a place where most likely someone would want to be. The government also made their loyalty test questions impossible to answer, so something bad would happen to them. So although there were a few similarities there were by far many differences between the

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