Nazi Concentration Camps During World War II

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More Japanese died in Internment camps and Jewish people were murdered in Nazi concentration camps. In internment camps, Japanese got respected. Anne Frank says differently about the Nazi camps. “...treating them very roughly and transported in cattle cars…” This shows how little respect Jews had. The Japanese were treated well. In the American propaganda video, “...the Japanese are well fed…”Nazi concentration camps were not the same as American internment camps because the Jewish people were killed and the Japanese were not, the Americans were afraid and the Nazis were hating, and finally, the Japanese had respect and the Jews got no respect. Nazi camps are not the same as the American camps because the Jews were treated opposite of the Japanese. …show more content…

First, the Americans were rightfully afraid of Japanese and did not want them hurting any Americans. The Nazis just hated the Jewish people for no reason. The Japanese had just bombed Pearl Harbor and the President was afraid for the safety of his country. Hitler had no valid reasons to lock the Jewish in concentration camps. Next, the Americans thought the Japanese looked like the enemy, so they must have been the enemy. Which is racist, however, they had reasoning. The Jews did not do anything to make them an enemy. The Americans were at fault for being racist, however, it is worse that the Nazis were just hateful towards the Jewish people. Lastly, the Americans didn’t want to be killed, so they were smart and they were heavily armed. The Nazis were also heavily armed, but they were not afraid that the Jews were not going to try to kill them. The Americans a right to be scared after the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor even though it was mean. The Nazis, however, were not scared at all, they just wanted to kill the Jewish. The Americans were afraid for their life, and the Nazis hated Jews because they felt like

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