Compare And Contrast Nazi Concentration Camp And Japanese Internment

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“Government's first duty is to protect the people, not run their lives”-Ronald Reagan. During WWII, both the Nazi party and the Americans used Internment/Concentration Camps. These camps were used to hold people that look like or was thought to be the enemy and forced them to work. The Americans had Japanese-Americans in their camps while the Nazi party had Jews and people who didn’t support Hitler. The Nazi concentration camps and the Japanese internment camps are not the same because of the condition/lifestyle of the camps, reason for making camps and individual rights in the camps. One reason why Nazi concentration camps and Japanese internment camps are not the same because of condition/lifestyle of these camps. In the first paragraph of the article “Concentration Camps in Nazi Germany” it is revealed that information about the lifestyle and the living conditions of these camps are leaked to the public. This is proved in this quote from the article “... knowledge of what life was like in a concentration camp was allowed to leak out -- or came out when someone was released. The fear of …show more content…

In the George Takei interview he states that he was forced to take a loyalty test and based off those answers they will be sent to an appropriate camp (George Takei). This is similar to how the Nazi party imprisoned anyone openly against them because if the answers on the loyalty test were wrong they would be sent to a stricter security camp. The Japanese-Americans have their rights taken away from them and they were forced to relocate to prison like camps to work. This is similar to the Nazi camps because all of the rights of the Jews were stolen from them (Holocaust Documentary) . Both camps had a minimum supply of food and water. Even though the camps are similar main factors make them

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