Why Did Japanese Americans Fail Essay

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Why did the United States fail to deliver the promise of “Liberty and Justice for All” to Japanese Americans during WWII? There were many reasons why America failed at delivering this promise, but I will focus on three main reasons to clarify. The three reasons the United States failed Japanese Americans were Japanese internment camps, racial profiling, and forcing many Japanese Americans away from their homes which led to loss of possessions.
The Treaty of Versailles was signed on June 28th, 1919 by Germany to make the world at peace again. However, the agreement began to make the nation very angry. In the Treaty of Versailles, the paper states that Germany would have to pay for all damages that were caused during World War I and then Germany …show more content…

The Japanese internment camps were horrifying during this time, but everyone was willing to look away because of what the Japanese Government had done. This was unacceptable accusations by a hypocritical government, because at the time America was fighting Germany and claiming they were wrong for Jewish internment camps. Of course, Jewish internment camps were very inhumane, and a mass number of Jews were exiled. America’s logic on Japanese interment was subtle but no one really asked to look behind the scenes. All the things we see in Jewish internment such as German Guards, Barbed wire fences, huts that weren’t anywhere close to homes, and rations that were very limited can all be found in America during WWII with Japanese internment camps. America presented Japanese Internment camps to the public simply as a precaution to Japanese spies. The threat of wide spread information about the United Sates put America in a hypocritical state. The hypocritical state America went through during World War II was when the United States Government took away promises of freedom from Japanese Americans. The United States Government acted out in a biased and prejudice

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