Jeanette's Reaction To The Awakening

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Page 28: My connection is related to the section on which Jeanette talks about her sister Mary Charlene that died as a baby. She tells about how her mother told her how she felt about the incident. “God knows what he’s doing… He gave me some perfect children, but he also gave me one not so perfect. So he said oops, I better take this one back.” (28) Rosemary seems a bit frivolous to the fact that her daughter has died as a child. After that, she tells about how her father was affected by the incident “When he found her, he stood there like he was in shock or something cradling her stiff little body in his arms, then he screamed like a wounded animal.”(28)This gives the perspective of Rex and shows how much he cares and loves his children especially after the emotional stress he was …show more content…

This incident did not just stun me it also galvanized me into trying to do some good in my life. Rosemary when telling the story seemed unscarred making her seem very frivolous, This was like when I went to the funeral home to see my father and I didn’t believe it was real it had to be some elaborate joke. Later on I came to a realization and like Rex when he cradles Mary Carlene I stood there stunned looking at the casket which would cause me to sob and feel like everything in my life was going down. As I took a bit of A hiatus in life time moved along and as I got older this tragic incident helped me in a positive manner unlike Rex because in the story, it leads Rex into a lament, life style and, he also begins with becoming an alcoholic and acts a bit deleterious, but in my case it made me want to strive and be the benevolent person I can be and be become more gregarious. Events from the past both negative and positive can cause a person to change even if the memories aren’t pleasant they do help define your character and show how you can handle times of ephemeral struggle and the hardships life throws your

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