Jennie Finch: An Amazing Softball Player

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Jennie Finch was an amazing softball player. From starting at the very young age of five, all the way to winning a gold medal in the Olympics; her softball career was quite successful start to finish. Finch has also created programs for young girls post Olympics and still continues to today. Finches softball career started at a very young age, it began soon after her fifth birthday when her parents signed her up for a T-Ball team. Throughout the years, she developed a strong love and passion for the sport. At the age of eight, Finch begun to learn how to pitch. Later in life she would become famous for her pitching skills. By the age of nine, she became so skillful in her pitching and softball in general, that she had made a 10U travel team. A few years later as a twelve year old, she made a team called California Cruisers which was a 12U travel team (Finch and Killion, 2011). This team made it to Nationals that year, where she helped lead them to claim the …show more content…

Finch was the pitcher for parts of the nine games that the US team played during this run. Finch contributed to the US win with a 2-0 record and thirteen no hitter innings. Athens wasn’t the only successful Olympic games Finch played, she also pitched for her team in the next summer Olympics at Beijing in 2008. Between three shut out games the US had, Finch had done very well and contributed with having pitched nine shutout innings; however the US fell short that year, placing Second behind Japan and earning a Silver medal. This was her last trip to the Olympics due to a decision made by the Olympic Committee to eliminate softball from the Olympics (Jennie Finch Biography 2016). This was the beginning of the end of Finches Softball career and let to her officially retirement during the summer of 2010. She then went on to have an equally successful post Olympic career and

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