Jim Crow Laws In The 1900's

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Al Sharpton radio host, and minister once said, “We have defeated Jim Crow, but now we have to deal with his son, James Crow Jr., esquire.” (cite) He then goes on to say that his “son” is smarter, slicker, and more cunning than him. This metaphor describes that even though the Jim Crow Laws have been ratified, there is a new racial discrimination in America that is growing and is harder to defeat than the last. The Jim Crow Laws were the set of laws that set the whites and blacks separate from each other in the 1900s, although they have been defeated, America today may be equal lawfully but not on an individual level. With the beginning of the Jim Crow Laws in the 1900s to their abolishment in 1965, and even today, America has yet to resolve the issue of “separate but equal.” Throughout the late 1800s, and late 1900’s the “Jim Crow Laws” were a form of enforced segregation against black people in many states all across America. Black segregation was heavy in the southern states especially Alabama, where slavery had been very prevalent. These laws made it legal for people to abuse and punish blacks for consorting with another race. (cite) The term “Jim Crow”, where the name of the laws was coined, was a derogatory slang term used for a black man during the time. The beginnings of the Jim Crow Laws started with the law …show more content…

and other civil right activists lived. During the time back then segregation was the norm, and people didn’t think much of it. Today segregation and discrimination are still occurring, but the acts of these actions are usually disguised, so that people don’t realize what is happening. Many times the white population feels unsafe or skeptical of people of color because of the stereotypes they are given. Sometimes it can be a helpful feeling to feel a certain way about a person, but sometimes it goes a step further when people shout and treat the people

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