Jim Thorpe Character Traits

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Jim Thorpe World’s Most Legendary Athlete

Jim Thorpe was considered to be the most legendary athlete in the world.
Jim Thorpe was born in Circa on May, 28 1887. Jim is the son of Hiram, and Charlotte Thorpe. Jim and his brother grew up on a ranch. and learned how to farm, and ride horses but, Jim’s brother Charlie died when he was a young boy. After being on a farm, Jim grew up in the Native American tribes the Sauk, and Fox. The Sauk and the Fox are two very close tribes, but are different. They both spoke the language algonquin. The Fox and Sauk’s cultures were very similar, and are considered to be the same tribes. Although the two tribes may seem the say they both had different traditions and different chiefs, both tribes were considered to be very war-like and individual. Most of the things the two tribes farmed was corn, …show more content…

after getting out of the military Jim later on went to school at Carlisle Indian School in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. Then Jim started his career as an athlete. Jim participated in football, and track and field. Thorpe's football career at Carlisle went very well . He was considered the most legendary American football player in his time. He mainly played running back, but Jim could play any position the coach wanted him to on the football field. Jim’s track and field career was not as looked at upon as his football, even though Jim went undefeated in a decathlon in 1912, Jim had taken part in the pentathlon Olympic Trials.Jim won three out of the five events possible and finished second in the other two to win the trials with a score of 7 points. Jim’s performance is well-known as he set a world records which would have stayed until 1926. The King of Sweden gave Jim his gold medals and told him, "You, sir, are the greatest athlete in the world." Jim later on returned to America, on September 2, Jim competed in the AAU All-Around Championship, Jim the forerunner of the decathlon ended up winning, breaking Martin Sheridan's world

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