Jimmy Valentine Research Paper

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Jimmy Valentine was a man that changed his life from robbing banks and being in jail to successfully owning a shoe store. Jimmy valentine is a famous, or rather infamous bank robber that just got out of jail.He found a new town that he would like to stay in. He also goes by the new name of Ralph Spencer. Jimmy Valentine was truly dedicated to living a moral life because he changed his name, he was about to give away his robbery gear, and he gave up crime to start a shoe company. The first reason that proves Jimmy Valentine was truly dedicated to living a moral life was that he changed his name. His new name is Ralph Spencer. Jimmy did this because he wanted to become a new person and live a new life. Also Jimmy Valentine is not there any more. His name got changed just as he wishes to change too. Finally, he wants to forget his past. He truly wants to be good, that's why his name is now Ralph, He is trying to forget the past. Jimmy valentine was a bad person but, Ralph spencer is not. …show more content…

He wrote his friend a letter explaining that he doesn't want to rob anymore and he wants to pass off the gear. If Jimmy did not want to give up robbing we wouldn't want to give up his gear. Jimmy also wants to forget what his past was. He wants to forget what he used to be so he can focus on Ralph. When Ralph wrote a letter he said “Billy, i've quit”. If Jimmy was going to keep robbing he wouldn't have lied to his

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