Machiavelli Lord Of The Flies Quote Analysis

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Machiavelli said it best in his book The Prince, "It is Better to be feared than loved, if you cannot be both." The main characters of The Lord Of The flies by William Golding, Jack and Ralph, both share the similar goal of becoming leader. As Jack being feared and Ralph being loved, throughout the book you perceive that being feared as a leader maintains order, causes stability, and embodies a sense of respect. Love comes, and it goes. The fact that it's fickle causes it to be an untrustworthy ground to build leadership on. Throughout the book it is exhibited through many events that as a leader being feared lets you accomplish more and causes a loyal relationship with the people surrounding you. Throughout the beginning of the book, Ralph …show more content…

Throughout the book this is represented as the children constantly do things to benefit Jacks wishes, even if they know it is wrong. Fear will make you do things that love and respect never will. Jack had the capability to make the kids do everything he wished. No one ever stood up to him, but would you stand up to someone you fear? When chasing Ralph towards the end of the book the children all followed Jacks lead. When Ralph was located by the twins nothing was said when they were asked if they found him, for the soul purpose that they knew it was wrong to kill him but the fear embodied them and they were unable to say no. Not only did he embody fear but he glorifies certain situations. "I painted my face—I stole up. Now you eat—all of you—," (Golding,35). Jack is trying to make the boys think that being a hunter and providing for them is the only thing that matters. He thinks that hunting for food gives him automatic power over the boys. “You didn't hunt, you don't get any,”(Golding,59). His mentality was that he had control over every aspect that included the food, and he perceived it as if the boys also became hunters they would have the same

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