Jodi Arias Case Paper

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Understanding the Jodi Arias case was simple. Tons of information was available for a case lasting nearly 7 years before deciding on sentencing. A little background on the case, on the evening of June 4, 2008, Travis Alexander was murdered by his ex-girlfriend Jodi Arias in his home in Mesa, Arizona. Nearly 5 days later his friends, concerned, showed up at his house to find Alexander in the shower of his home, dead. Alexander had faced multiple stab wounds, roughly 27-29 of estimate, his throat had be slit and he had been shot in the head. Arias story changed multiple times, although there was evidence that pointed to her. She had rented a car to head to Mesa, and more importantly her DNA was found at the crime scene. The case lasted 8 years until she was finally sentenced and the trial was officially over. After watching multiple videos for the prosecution and defense for the Jodi Arias trial I knew more in depth of the condition that Mrs. Arias was in. For the prosecution, Dr. DeMarte took the stand to testify. She was calm and had a general understanding of what the jury was looking for. She had confidence in her work, which she solely based off of research. Although there were a few questions she struggled to answer she seemed to have an overall …show more content…

Both witnesses had components that helped them form relationships with the jury. Although, I still would not say that the likeability of Dr. Samuels was as high or strong as Dr. DeMarte. It is all about how you present yourself on stand, the manner in which you answer the questions, the tone of your voice. You must relate to them and have them relate to you. It is important in a case. Dr. DeMarte was smart, she knew what she wanted to say and how to say it. She had manners and appeared more of a people person than Dr. Samuels did, her research was more intense and had more validity than Dr.

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