Barbara Jordan We The People Speech Analysis

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In 1974 the house judiciary committee recommended Articles of impeachment of President Nixon during the water gates scandal. The water gates scandal was a major political scandal that occurred in the United States in the 1970s, following a break in at the DNC headquarters at water gate office in Washington D.C. and President Nixon’s administration tried to cover it up. On July 25, 1974 Barbara Jordan gave a speech on the impeachment of President Nixon during the impeachment hearing. She gave a strong passionate and well-rounded speech. Barbara Jordan was a lawyer, educator, and American politician, and a leader of the civil rights movement. She starts off her speech by addressing the fact that she wasn’t included in “we the people”. A quote …show more content…

She makes many points in her speech and gives great examples to her claim. Her claim that President Nixon must be impeachment for the water gates scandal and abusing the power of the C.I.A. she sat in front of the committee with confidence that her speech will help impeach Nixon. I believe she achieved her purpose to pursue the audience and the judiciary committee of the impeachment of Nixon. You can see Barbara Jordan get more passionate as the speech goes on. I noticed that she would become the most passionate when speaking on the actions of Nixon. She obviously cares about the constitution. In conclusion Barbara Jordan’s speech at the house judiciary committee at Nixon’s impeachment hearing was an inspirational speech. Barbara Jordan won a seat in the Texas Senate in 1966. Being a part of the civil rights movement she strived for change and cared about her constitution she gave a great speech and it really showed that she would not stand or tolerate even the president to disobey to constitution. The water gates scandal is why President Nixon was being impeached but he resigned before the house voted on the Articles hence Nixon was not impeached during the

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