Gerald Ford Essays

  • Gerald Ford Accomplishments

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    Gerald R. Ford Born on July 14, 1913 in Omaha, Nebraska, Leslie Lynch King Jr. was named after his biological father. After his mother, Dorothy, divorced King’s father, she took her son and moved to Grand Rapids, Michigan. Later, Dorothy married a very successful paint salesman named Gerald R. Ford, who adopted her son which changed his name. Now known as Gerald R. Ford, he was a great athlete in high school which earned him an athletic scholarship to play football for the University of Michigan

  • Why Is Gerald Ford A Significant President

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    Gerald Ford was a significant president. He was the 38th president of the United States and was elected on August 9th, 1974, when Richard Nixon resigned from presidency. Gerald Ford was a significant person throughout his life. Ford had a noteworthy life before he had become president. After the Watergate scandal, Ford did many great things during his presidency that made him significant. He was also a remarkable person after he was president. Gerald Ford’s life before presidency was notable

  • Accomplishments Of A Good President: Richard Nixon Vs. Gerald Ford

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    Nixon and Gerald Ford both wanted to do what was best for the Country while being president. Nixon tried to do what was best for the country by trying to step down when he felt was necessary and also by letting his vice president take his place. Gerald Ford also wanted to do what was best for the country by taking the president's place when he stepped down, upholding the laws and why he believed it was best for the country to pardon Nixon from his crimes. Nixon and his vice president Ford both showed

  • Gerald Ford Informative Speech

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    pressure when he gets asked about his country. One of those great presidents was President Gerald R Ford. Today we will take a journey on President Ford’s life from beginning to end. First, we will take a look at his early life, such as his family and education. Then, we will take a look into his life

  • Summary Of The Eulogy Of Jimmy Carter

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    Analysis of Jimmy Carter's Eulogy of Gerald Ford On January 3rd, 2007, President Jimmy Carter read his Eulogy to the funeral party at Gerald Ford's funeral service. Jimmy Carter and Gerald Ford were very close friends. Their friendship spawned out of them running against each other in the 1976 presidential election. Ford was the incumbent president at the time and Carter challenged him for his seat in the oval office. Carter would end up winning that seat by 57 more electoral votes than his rival

  • The Pros And Cons Of The Watergate Scandal

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    that eventually led to the replacement of presidency from vice president at the time, Gerald Ford. Both Nixon and Ford believed Ford taking over the position of the president was the best decision as Nixon was never charged with the crimes from the “The Watergate Scandal”. Emotional responses from the people were also a key factor to accept as Ford took over the president position, and overall Nixon and Ford had to work together to figure out the prime decision regarding the nation. President Nixon

  • Does The Watergate Scandal: Impeachful

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    The Watergate Scandal happened on June 17, 1972, in the Watergate building, Washington D.C. There will be questions throughout about the Watergate Scandal: What happened the President Richard Nixon, Who was president and part of the Scandal during that time. Impeachment of Richard Nixon will also be discussed because of his connection with the Watergate Scandal. Also, there will be a series of questions,What is impeachment?, When and why did process come about?, Tell about the impeachment process

  • Pros And Cons Of Richard Nixon

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    guilty. It was not until Gerald Ford was sworn in as the 38th President of the United States that Richard Nixon was granted a “full, free and absolute pardon” (The Washington Post) for any and all of his crimes that violated the Constitution of America. This granted pardon was the most controversial component of the Watergate scandal. Many believed that former President Richard Nixon had made an arrangement before he left the White House with current President Gerald Ford to excuse himself of all

  • Effects Of The Watergate Scandal

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    the public, Congress had placed many restrictions on the government, based on the public’s opinion. The Watergate, Nixon Scandal affected America greatly. It led to the first time President of the United States of America had ever resigned. After Ford 's pardoning, it caused the nation to be conflicted. People lost confidence in their own government because of the thought that future Presidents may take advantage of their own power, just like Richard Nixon did. Lastly, it resulted in many reformations

  • Richard Nixon Impeachment Analysis

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    President Gerald Ford was the first president that was never elected for president or vice president. President Gerald Ford was the thirty-eighth president of the United States of America. Spiro Agnew was vice president bet then he resigned so then richard nixon appionted Gerald Ford. Leslie Lynch King Jr. was his first name but then his parents changed it to Gerald Ford. When ford went to college he was a normal student. He went to college at

  • How Did Watergate Scandal Impact America

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    resign. Because of the Watergate, Nixon Scandal, President Gerald Ford granted a pardon to President Richard Nixon. President Gerald Ford was the new president who gave a pardon that liberated President Nixon from the Watergate, Nixon Scandal. Because of the pardon, Nixon would not have to go to court, and his previous actions would not result in a direct penalty. Americans sought this as an unfair negotiation between Gerald Ford and Nixon. They considered this as an unjust action, for others

  • Similarities Between Ford And Richard Nixon

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    Richard Nixon, once a man that was the leader of the United States, was accused of a scandal. This scandal became known as the Watergate scandal. He was going to have to be punished for this, so he decided to resign as president. With this, Gerald Ford, the vice president, became president. When becoming president he pardoned Nixon for his scandal, so Richard had not punishment put on him. Both had to have speeches to explain their decisions. The speeches both had a purpose, the purpose of making

  • How Did Richard Nixon's Watergate Scandal Affect The United States?

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    Beijing for a week of talks. Due to the Watergate Scandal, on August 9, 1974, he resigned before almost being impeached out of office. After his resignation, Gerald Ford came in the picture. Detente was a French word that meant a release from tension. The pardon for nixon was a pardon that was issued in September 8, 1974, by president Gerald

  • President Gerald Ford's Government Bailouts

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    President Gerald Ford was left with a population of people that were let down by a scandal that knocked a candidate for the best president this nation had ever seen and just dumped him out of the office. Also an endless conflict that was the war in Vietnam. Coming in with great hostility did not help President Ford when he pardoned Former President Nixon. But, Ford did face the stagflation and recession this nation was having during this time period. Ford always had in his mind that anything could

  • Impacts Of The Watergate Scandal

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    the men involved were arrested, and it was later found that President Richard Nixon played a role in the coverup of the scandal, leading to his resignation. After Nixon resigned, new laws were enforced regarding the presidential election, and Gerald Ford took his place for the remainder of the presidency. The impacts of the scandal are still seen today, as many Americans have lost their trust in

  • Why Is Dwight Dd Nixon Successful

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    Administration. Soon, he grew tired of that also, leaving for the U.S Navy. When he returned from the Navy, Nixon ran for Congress, and got a seat in the U.S House of Representatives. He was sent overseas to report on the Marshall Plan, and when he left, Nixon had made an impression that he was a great leader in foreign policy. Soon, he would go on to be a Senate member, and Vice President for Dwight D. Eisenhower. He ran for president in 1960, but was beaten by the younger John F. Kennedy. He went

  • Saturday Night Massacre Pros And Cons

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    The Break-Ins And Some Of The Early Cover-Up Attempts May of 1972, the first break in at DNC’s (Democratic National Committee) Watergate headquarters occurs, as members of President Nixon’s C.R.E.E.P.(Committee to Re-Elect the President) break in stealing copies of top-secret documents and wire-tapping their phones and neither caught nor detected by guards or any other personal on duty. However, the burglars later realized that the bugs they placed in the phones were faulty so they sent a group of

  • Richard M. Nixon And The Watergate Scandal

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    Richard M. Nixon, the 37th president of the United States entered office in 1969 and resigned in August 1974 following speculation. Republican Richard Nixon fulfilled his goal of settling the oversea tensions through ending American fighting in Vietnam and improving the relationships with the Soviet Union and China. In the 1972 election, Nixon defeated George McGovern by a very large margin. Despite this victory, Nixon and his administrative were thought to be responsible for a break-in at the offices

  • Richard Nixon And Watergate Scandal

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    These scandals led to the unanimous decision to impeach Nixon, yet he resigned and Gerald Ford took over. Ford as a president did not last long. He was in office for only three years. On the other hand, when he was in office, there was an agreement passed. This agreement became known as Helsinki Accords. This agreement basically finalized the conferences held by ford. Jimmy Carter was the next president after Ford. He was president when the Camp David Accords took action. These camps were frameworks

  • How Did Richard Nixon Influence The Government Of The 1970's

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    America was at the top of it game. The U.S. had just won two world wars, had a steadily growing economy, and had just elected Richard Nixon as their new president for the year 1969. Government distrust had never been a main focus in American culture until the 1970’s, where government scandals, weak leaders, and a suffering economy created a sense of malaise on American society. President Nixon was elected into office in 1969. He was previously a Senator for California, a U.S. representative, and