Does The Watergate Scandal: Impeachful

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The Watergate Scandal happened on June 17, 1972, in the Watergate building, Washington D.C. There will be questions throughout about the Watergate Scandal: What happened the President Richard Nixon, Who was president and part of the Scandal during that time. Impeachment of Richard Nixon will also be discussed because of his connection with the Watergate Scandal. Also, there will be a series of questions,What is impeachment?, When and why did process come about?, Tell about the impeachment process in Watergate?, and How has it been used recently? These questions will help better understand the Watergate Scandal and the Impeachment process that was put on Richard Nixon. To solve the problems of the Watergate Scandal, research was made to solve the Watergate Scandal, which involved Richard Nixon and the impeachment process. The Watergate Scandal and the Impeachment Process was a big deal back in 1972 and it still is today. Richard Nixon had everything to do with the Watergate Scandal and to prove was that he quickly resigned from his place before he could be impeached. Impeachment is still used today as we know and so far no other president had to be impeached ,but we hope that one won’t have to be impeached for awhile. To conclude, the impeachment process is a very big thing today and impeaching a …show more content…

Instead of going along with the Watergate Scandal Richard Nixon could have stepped up like a good president and stop the situation. Also, instead of giving them hush money, he could have made them tell the police or he could have went to the police himself and told them what was happening. There are so many solution that Richard Nixon could have done and he wouldn’t have been impeached ,but it happened and now he can’t take it back. Nixon can’t even redo his wrong and neither can the

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