Similarities Between Lewinsky And Bill Clinton Impeachment

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Enrichment Paper 2 When I think of major scandals of my time, none are more relevant than Bill Clinton an intern Monica Lewinsky. But if you ask someone older, they are going to say Richard Nixon and the Water gate scandal, both were very damaging to the United States, because of the lying and tampering of evidence which affected innocent people it. Clinton and Nixon were the only presidents in our history to be impeached with the greatest significant scandals there ever was. Nixon immediately resigned, while Clinton stayed in office after impeachment. Each scandal was an awful decision made by both presidents for all people involved, though Nixon's Watergate scandal appeared to be filled with disappointment our country. The Watergate scandal …show more content…

Then he added more damage by lying under oath, about his sexual relationship with Monica Lewinsky, few months later it was shown that he cheated on his wife with Ms. Lewinsky. The scandal displayed uncomfortable pressure towards the Clinton family and our nation, but in all he just lied, like most married men do when such cases of affair are being shown. In an interview with Bill Clinton, I heard the first lady at the time, Hilary Clinton, made Bill Clinton sleep on the couch for several months (3). Although, he was found guilty on the charges of perjury, he was still able to serve two terms in office, which is very perplexing to me since his cheating ways and actions are still displayed daily over social media. Monica Lewinsky actually had a promising political career, until this scandal ruined it for her. Still today it is hard to discuss her in a sentence without popping a chuckle ever now and then. Many have said that Bill Clinton was a good president, but there are those that say he was president only because of the economy during his time. I feel happy, because gas at the time was 0.99 cents per gallon, and this is the only president I know that had such significant standing with the oil prices during that presidential

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