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There are two types of businessmen in this world, “Robber Barons” and “Captains of Industry”. “Robber Baron” is a idiom established during the United States Industrial Revolution of the 1800s. It is used to describe demeaning businessman that are wealthy industrialist, those who monopolize companies, and use unfair practices within their businesses. On the other hand “Captains of Industry” are positive businessman that contribute to the nation. For instance they provide jobs, increase productivity, expand the markets, and increase trade. Some even make generous philanthropies to the people who are less fortunate. Although it is good to be a “Captain of Industry”, Rockefeller and Walton were both degrading “Robber Barons”. From this moment forward …show more content…

It was not long after Rockefeller's death another “Robber Baron” was born. On March 29, 1918 in Kingfisher, Oklahoma, Samuel Moore Walton was born. Shortly after his birth, his family moved and was raised in Columbia, Missouri. He was studious and an amazing athlete at his high school. He was the quarterback for Hickman High School and an Eagle Scout. As graduation approached he was honored with the name “most versatile boy”. Once he graduated, he enrolled at the University of Missouri, Columbia. He finished in 1940 with a degree in economics. Walton took a small retailer job with the J.C Penney Company. Taking a loan from his father-in-law Sam decided to quit his job and create his first store in Newport, Arkansas based on the Ben Franklin …show more content…

Sam Walton was selling supplies cheaper than other companies that way people who were less fortunate could afford it. However people did not stop to notice he is putting companies around his out of business. Other local business are selling supplies normal priced or high end prices because of the quality. The quality from the retailer stores around Walmart is more reliable and durable. Also Sam Walton is receiving his merchandise from overseas which causes his products to be cheaper. All of his ideas are carried with him from his first job within the Ben Franklin Franchise. Within the culture Walton established, the company is not happy with the working benefits and conditions. They are given sparse wages and health care plans, and are asked to keep their expenses to an extent. Also the employees are working hourly overtime without pay, and some work over 70 hours a week. The employees are also expected to pitch in money whenever they can to help care for the building they are working in. For example, heating and

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