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American History American Institutions Established before the Revolutionary Years 1638-1766 Before the “Revolutionary War” five universities-institutions, were established, by Rev. John Harvard, Rev. James Blair, Rev. John Davenport, Presbyterians, and Rev. Theodore Frelinghuysen. Harvard University, Collage of William and Mary, Yale University, Princeton University, and Rutgers University. HARVARD New England, 1638 John Harvard completely committed his time, efforts, property, and also his own personal library, to establish a university for young men and young ladies, where they could learn a moral basis of education, and because of his motto “Truth for Christ and the Church” and also his belief in God. Harvard established the base of his …show more content…

Resources and support from a synod of Congregational churches, led and formed by Rev. Pierport, Rev. Andrew, and Rev. Russell, was provided. This soon led to Davenport to write the charter, in 1701: “. . . for the liberal and religious education of suitable youth . . . to propagate in this wilderness, the blessed reformed Protestant religion . . .” John Davenport admired “John Harvard’s,” vision for the future of education, that young men and young ladies should have proper education and understanding Jesus Christ in the New World, and applied this vision to Yale University. Davenport continued to establish his University with a very similar moral and honorable basis of education, also with the true gospel of Christ. His motto, “Light and Truth of God,” and insured that Yale University’s instructors, teachers, and professors were clergymen, and that his pupils were instructed by the best of men. Yale University became a very successful institution for young men and young ladies. The students who graduated from the institution were very successful in their individual lives, with a great education and understanding of the

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