John Wesley's Influence On Social Reform

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John Wesley was an evangelist and the founder of Methodism, that help reform the sociality of Europe in his time as well as in the modern era of today. His influence of the social reform is something that has been debated many times, but if you look at what he helped to create then and how it still has some influence on your own social behaviors you will come to understand just how his influence still is in full effect. John Wesley was born on June 17,1703, the 15th child of clergyman Samuel Wesley so you would say that he was born into a religious background from the day he entered this world. He was ordained deacon in 1725 following his education at University of Oxford. He would enter into a residence in 1729 as a fellow of Lincoln College.…show more content…
The development of schools for children, his evangelistic efforts, and group formation provided an educational system that stemmed from his theological convictions." (Maddix,2009). Wesley was starting his evangelism when times were hard for people that did not have land for industry or had the skills for employment. "The genius of the Wesley's and early Methodism, given the social-economic support of the 1740's, lay in the liberating and empowering structures of its societies." (Keefer,1990). People were accepted to something that was not represented by the large churches. They could feel that they were equal to anyone when it came to salvation. Wesley would prove to them by his philanthropy to the poor, sick and even prisoners. When most of England shunned, and looked down on letting them know of their class status. With all of this being said there are still speculations on just how much Wesley influence social reform but as Luke L. Keefer wrote, that critics often make no attempt to discover to what extent Methodist philanthropy not only improved the lots of thousands but also provided a new social climate in which care of the unfortunate would become a political ideal."…show more content…
Wesley did several great things some that I failed to mention because the list is so long. He wrote hymns and preached sermons that are still being read today, but for me the extent he went to help people. That is what really sticks with me after all the research, all the articles and lists of great things he accomplished. I guess because I have the fear of that sort of lifestyle going away. People are so caught up with themselves and what they are involved in that we hardly look up from our laptops or phones to see that there are people all around us that are in need. I know that Jesus walked the earth and did things for the needy long before Wesley did, but I wonder if there will be a Wesley in our generation that will give us hope that people still care and will give up things of the world to help others. To me that would be another social reform for all us to take part

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