Johnny Greene Rhetorical Analysis

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Caricatures at Soltis Johnny Greene is a widely known junior at Soltis University in Mississippi. He is the captain of the university’s football team, president of Mu Nu Phi Fraternity, and president of the SGA. He has also been on the Dean’s List from the beginning of his college career. One night after a group study session, Johnny went to the cafe’s lounge area. There he logged onto a new, yet popular anonymous messaging app, “Yip Yap”. This app was widely used around campus by a great deal of the student body. It was used to spread news of parties and events that were anticipated on campus. As Johnny scrolled through the messages, he noticed a colorful illustration. The illustration was a caricature with stereotypical anatomical features…show more content…
There aren’t any justifications for discriminating against others based on their appearance. Johnny and his teammates created offensive stereotypical caricatures of African Americans followed by hateful comments which can’t be ignored. Mike, Adam, and Liam claim to have been joking, however, this isn’t a joking matter. They feel that their first amendment, which is the right to freedom of speech, protects them from any consequences. However, we don’t feel they should be exempt from punishment due to their freedom of speech; their posts were gravely inappropriate and offensive. They intentionally discriminated against a group of people; they had no regards to other’s statuses as human beings which in our honest opinion is extremely unethical. Every human being should be treated with respect regardless of their culture, ethnicity, race, gender, etc. Johnny's leadership roles within his school simply doesn’t convince us that he was bullied into discriminating others, so we feel that he too should face the consequences. As a leader he should have known better. Johnny complained of being bullied into participating, however, his participation in the discriminatory acts is considered
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