Johnny In The Outsiders By S. E. Hinton

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A boy that was disliked by his parents, he was only sixteen and he was in a pretty rough gang. They got into trouble, but not so much him, his name was Johnny. Johnny is brave, he is kind to others, and he is nervous of the world. The author of Outsiders was S.E. Hinton. Johnny was the pet of their gang and was an important person to the rest of the gang. Johnny had not purposely but out of fear killed a Soc to protect his friend. Johnny was brave and noble to be able to protect Pony and help the kids at the church. He had been beaten before and was not wanting that to happen to them. He bravely protected his younger friend Pony from the Socs. He had jumped into a burning church without hesitation to save a group of younger school kids. He stood against Dally when he was being rude to the girls too. “Leave her alone, Dally. You heard me. Leave her alone.” pg. 24. He had jumped into the church shortly after his friend Pony. Johnny also saved Pony because he pushed him out of the church so he wouldn't get hurt. He bravely pushed his friend out of the way so he wouldn't get hurt. Johnny was badly injured on his back from the falling debris. Johnny had courageously accepted death when he was anbout to die. He was bravely able to help out his gang and protect others. …show more content…

He is kind to his gang and helps people out and tries to learn but it isn't for him. Johnny also tries to emotionally help Pony when they were crying. He says to Pony, “stay gold, Ponyboy. stay gold…”pg. 148. He tries to help Ponyboy and he doesn't want pony to go the same path as he or Dally. He has a kind personality and putting him in a gang doesn't really match his personality. He acts like he is actually tough and part of the gang, but it really isn't him. He is kind which makes him weak, he is emotionally weak. That is bad to be emotional, especially when you are a

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