Analysis Of Sinners In The Hands Of An Angry God

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Jonathan Edwards in “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God” focus on how God punish the ones that doesn’t follow him. He talks mostly about the rage of God and how he is going to manifest when people go to hell. The poem is based on how God punish the sinners. What I infer that is Edwards’s purpose is that he wants us to change our acts and believes because there is an opportunitty of being saves from hell. We are at the edge of a line, and we can only be rescued by God. God loves his sons and take care of them. He can forgive several times a same person, but ones He decides that a boy or girl doesn’t deserve to be forgiven, that person is in trouble. In the work, I am going to talk about my opinion towards the story and how I can say it…show more content…
I know those are his ideas and way of seing things, but I am a bit patient and won’t write as rude as he did. His ideas are clear and I support them. In my opinion all he wrote is right and it is for me, maybe not that hyperbolic, but some situations he listed may happen. If we don’t make conscience about at least talk to God 5 minutes a day, we may have a whole in our hearts and when we grow, we are going to regret it for the rest of our days. God is our father and he should be honored as one. Jonathan refers to all these ideas in a heavier way, but he is right. Maybe he had or thought he had a big and strong communication with God. And perfectly, it can be as the story says, God is mad with all of us for leaving him. I enjoyed the text as entertainment because writting is art. But at this time, I won’t sit hours just to analyze this piece of art. I would read it to loose some time. My overall reaction of the text “Sinners in the Hands Of An angry God” is that I would read it again and take my time to share it with someone. I would like to read another work of this writer. His expressions are different and another literary piece of him would be interesting. I like new things, and Jonathan’s text is different. I talked about my opinion of the story and said how it related a bit with my
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