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Jonathan Swift: Imaginatively Creative Author The life of Jonathan Swift was a marvelous thing to read and learn about. He led a great life with many ideas and successes that would make one interested. He ends up being a High-Churchman all his life because the Royalists he had as his ancestors (The Victorian Web). He even had a great education. He went to many schools for his education, for example he went to Oxford (Bilson). He went through life changes like the fact that his nurse had kidnapped him and took him to England (Bilson). He was known to have written many poems (The Victorian Web). At the end he died in 1745 on October 19 (The Victorian Web). Jonathan has went through so much that a person wishes they could succeed within their lifetime. Jonathan Swift’s parents are not much of a part of his life. His father, also known as Jonathan Swift, had tragically died months before Jonathan was born (The Victorian Web). His mother, also known as Abigail Swift, had left him with his uncle a few years after he was born and she went to England (The Victorian Web). He also had an older sister named Jane Swift (The Victorian Web). The fact that his ancestors were Royalists had made him a High-Churchman for all his life (The Victorian Web). He had decided …show more content…

“Over the populace, swift was the most absolute monarch that ever governed men and was regarded by people of every rank with veneration and esteem” (Bilson). “He had become known as a man with strong political and religious convictions with a talent for writing savage, even bitter satire” (Aykroyd 11). Dublin ordained him priest on January 13, 1695 (Hunting 4). He had even composed some poems for himself (The Victorian Web). The poems for himself were called “Swift sailed into his rest”, “Savage Indignation There”, “Cannot Lacerate His Breast”, “Imitate Him if You Dare”, “World-Desotted Travels”, and “He Served Human Libery” (The Victorian

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